Healthcare experience
Bridging Gaps in the Healthcare Landscape

Our solutions streamline the entire healthcare journey, from patient intake and monitoring to ambulatory care and revenue cycle optimization. Leveraging seamless integration with leading EHR vendors through our innovative API ecosystem, we unlock new business opportunities while elevating patient outcomes. Experience unparalleled healthcare interoperability and unlock your full potential with our end-to-end platform.

Unleashing Limitless Workplace Experiences with Nerdio

Nerdio's comprehensive suite, spanning VDI, identity management, endpoint management, and Microsoft Intune offerings, empowers organizations to unlock limitless workplace experiences, embrace the future of work seamlessly, and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Digital Asset
Navigating the Digital Asset Frontier with Blockchain-Powered Solutions

Our advanced blockchain solutions empower organizations to securely manage, track, and optimize digital assets lifecycle, streamlining processes and fostering trust through distributed ledger technology for enhanced transparency, immutability, and efficient asset management in the digital frontier.

Elevating Cybersecurity - The Paramount Priority

Fortifying your digital defenses with advanced cybersecurity solutions compliant with NIST CSF and SEC rule mandates, delivered by our seasoned experts, has become an imperative necessity in today's high-risk digital landscape, empowering your organization to safeguard assets, protect data, ensure continuity, and stay resilient against evolving cyber threats.

VDI Platform
Enable Remote and Hybrid Work Environments with Advanced VDI Platforms

Transform Your Workspace with Our Cloud VDI Integration and Scalability, Enabling Flexibility and Mobility

software development
Forge Your Competitive Edge and Unleash the Power of Innovation in Software Development.

We harness experience and expertise to transform your software development into a competitive advantage. We can help you build game-changing software that dominates the market!

Staff Up for Success, Seamless Staffing and Augmentation Solutions

We bridge your talent gap with the perfect fit, empowering you to achieve your business goals.

Is Disrupting Your Market with AI on Your Agenda?

Gain a competitive edge with AI solutions designed to streamline and optimize your processes.

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Accelerating Innovation

Customers today are challenged with ever-shifting landscapes of technology with new fast-paced delivery models that require time-to-market commitments in a cost-effective manner. Our team at Periscope has constantly strived to be specialized and deliver the objectives set by the customers. Be it On-Prem, On-Cloud, or Hybrid we have successfully engaged with customers in building secure and Integrated solutions with a rich cross-platform user experience.

Our Strengths

Why Choose Periscope?

Periscope is a software solution and development company focused on Cloud Innovation, Rapid execution, delivery, and support of enterprise software for industries including FinTech, Insurance Tech, Law Enforcement, Airlines Tech, Construction Tech, and Education Tech.

Our Services

Change: It Begins with Us

Software Development

We utilize our extensive experience and domain knowledge to assist organizations in creating superior, differentiated products that enhance their competitive edge in a dynamic market.

Managed Services and IT Support

Managed services proactively oversee IT operations, while IT support provides reactive assistance, collectively ensuring smooth business technology functioning.

Cloud Transformation

Our cloud services are designed to help your business achieve its full potential, with solutions that enable you to securely integrate thousands of applications and seamlessly move millions of transactions every day.

Our Solutions

Our belief is in keeping the customer’s interest first while building the right solution that makes a difference for them financially, operationally, and competitively.

Success Stories

Digital Transformation
At Speed & Scale


IT Consulting

Software Development

Industry Expertise

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