Deliver Quality Care, Accelerate Revenue, and Reduce Costs with our Integrated Healthcare Solution

Know the role of a technology-driven solution that can help with patient intake, complex appointment schedules, patient monitoring, and revenue cycle acceleration.

Healthcare's Digital Revolution: Get Ready for a Healthier You!

Patient Intake

Streamline Your Healthcare Journey: The A-B-C's of Patient Intake

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Revenue Cycle Optimization (RCO) smooths the financial flow in your healthcare practice.

Appointment Scheduling

We understand the unique needs of both ambulatory and acute care providers. Let us help you:

Where do we help customers?

At Periscope, we specialize in developing Healthcare systems with features that include

Skip the Wait: Digital Intake for Faster Consultations

No more waiting to fill out forms! Digital intake lets you breeze through the process beforehand.

Fewer Errors, Better Care

Clear and accurate information is key. Efficient intake minimizes mistakes and helps doctors make informed decisions about your treatment. ​

Happy Patients, Happy You

A smooth intake sets the tone for a positive experience. You will feel prepared and ready to focus on your health.

Security Measures: Your Information Stays Private

Worried about your privacy? HIPAA regulations ensure your health data is protected throughout the intake process. So relax, and focus on getting the care you deserve.

Stop Leaky Revenue: Your Complete RCO Partner

Our expertise in EHR, automated billing, staff training, and standardized processes streamlines your revenue cycle. We also manage patient engagement, leading to increased revenue, improved cash flow, reduced costs.

Scheduling your appointment is now easier than ever! Doctor on Demand: Search, Schedule, See a Doctor...

Find your perfect appointment! Search by specialty, location (with distance!), doctor gender/language, and appointment type (video call, walk-in, online). We handle the tech stuff, you focus on getting the care you need. Let's go!

Multi - EHR Integration Accelerator

Electronic health records (EHR) are essential for storing patient data, but manually transferring information to separate systems for intake and billing can be a hassle. Multi-EHR integration bridges this gap, allowing seamless data flow. Imagine pre-populated forms, automatic insurance checks, and reduced errors!

This translates to faster patient intake, efficient revenue cycle management, and more time for what matters - patient care. And best of all, with our solution, robust security and compliance are built into the core architecture, giving you peace of mind. Multi-EHR Integration unlocks a smoother, more data-driven healthcare experience for everyone.

Deliver in record time using our Digital Healthcare Innovation service and discover how we can provide seamless and effective service to your product strategy.

Our API accelerator and development kit deliver one seamless abstracted layer of restful APIs across the complex EHR landscape.

Reduce complexity in your applications, and in your workflows by using our single solution approach, tightly integrated API development methodology for EHR integration.

Reduce the cost of development, deployment, and maintenance to deliver the automation of workflows your organization absolutely demands.

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