Multi-EHR Integration Accelerator

Periscope has built Multi-EHR Integration bridges different Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, enabling healthcare organizations to integrate their EHR platform with multiple EHR systems through a standardized interface. This Multi-EHR Integration streamlines appointment scheduling, patient intake, billing, coding, and revenue cycle management (RCM). The Multi-EHR Integration ensures improved interoperability and optimizes healthcare delivery by facilitating efficient data exchange between the organization's systems and various EHR platforms.

What is Periscope's

Multi-EHR Integration Accelerator?

Let us use our deep experience with Healthcare Multi-EHR Integration to deliver to you a comprehensive set of easy-to-use, HIPPA compliant, distributed, and secure REST Multi-EHR Integration for your HealthCare organization and development teams – and deliver faster interactions across multiple HealthCare system workflows.

Our solutions leverage a multi-cloud architecture, deployable across Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle, IBM, and other cloud platforms. Incorporating a data caching engine, our methodology reduces calls to the EHR system, increasing productivity, optimizing costs, and bolstering system resilience. This caching approach minimizes EHR interactions, streamlining data management for improved operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Periscope's Multi-EHR Integration Across Platforms

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Where do we help customers?

At Periscope, we specialize in developing Healthcare systems with features that include

Focus on Workflow

A workflow ‘centric’ solution development methodology that focuses on easily understood, business terms to conduct transactions.

Bridging the Gap: Your Unified EHR Integration Partner

Crafting in partnership with your team an infrastructure that includes providing backend connectivity to multiple EHR vendors (EPIC, Cerner, Athena, etc. both cloud and on-prem)

Future-Proof Integration: FHIR-based Connectivity for Any EHR

No matter how many EHR backend systems you have. We manage the multiple vendor technologies, and versions based on FHIR V4 (DSTU 2 Final (1.0.2), R4 (4.0.1)) standards, vendor specific interfaces, and protocols(http) with standard data formats(JSON, XML). We align with the latest standards with industry and using latest authentication technique like OAuth and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

Unleash Your Development Power: Do More, Pay Less

Development and Maintenance Cost reduction tool that allows your team to focus on development of application features, customer digital experience. Deliver more initiatives and higher quality applications.

Product Features

Ease of Use

Save hundreds of hours developing web, mobile, kiosk, or client applications. We deliver in partnership with your team, one set of Multi-EHR Integration for the key workflows in your organization, and, these APIs will be the same to retrieve, add, list, update or deactivate health data – no matter which EHR a provider in your network is using.

Workflow Simplified

Sign up for our jumpstart Multi-EHR Integration development and deployment methodology, and get immediate access to our team to jumpStart the automation of these critical workflows for your organization:

Drive Revenue. Simplify.
Lower Cost.

Simplify all your workflows by reducing the number of live calls to the EHR system. (Multi-EHR integration delivers the power to access most of the key EHR providers in the marketplace).

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