Holistic, Incisive and Transformative

A thorough, enterprise-wide examination of an organization’s cybersecurity stance, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing prioritized recommendations for risk mitigation. 

Comprehensive Security Assessment

Evaluates People, Processes & Technology.

Goes beyond technology to assess human factors and security procedures.

Identifies Vulnerabilities & Risks.

Uncovers weaknesses across your entire IT infrastructure.

Prioritizes & Addresses Risks.

Provides a roadmap for tackling security issues effectively.

Industry Standard Frameworks.

Ensures a comprehensive and systematic approach (NIST, ISO 27001, SOC 2).

Actionable Plan with CIS Controls(18 critical controls).

Delivers clear steps for improving security posture.

MITRE ATT&CK Analysis.

Considers the latest cyber threats and attack techniques.

Demystifying Security Frameworks: A Quick Guide

Not sure which security framework is right for you?
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NIST CSF : Common Language, Systematic Approach

Manage cybersecurity risk effectively with a clear framework for identifying, protecting against, detecting, responding to, and recovering from threats.

ISO 27001 : Information Security Rockstar

Guarantee information confidentiality, integrity, and availability with a globally recognized standard for information security management.

SOC 2 : Trustworthy Service Provider Badge

Demonstrate your commitment to secure data management and client privacy with this compliance standard.

CIS Critical Controls : Actionable Defence Against Common Threats

Prioritize and implement these 18 essential controls to significantly reduce cyber risk.

MITRE ATT&CK : Know Your Enemy, Defend Like a Pro

Develop smarter defence strategies by understanding real-world adversary tactics and techniques.

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