Hi-Tech Manufacturing Company Significantly improves its Network Defense Beyond the Firewall

The Gap: Outdated Systems and Reactive Approach

Outdated systems (60% of companies) and lack of incident response plans (45%) leave businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks. This can cost an average of $5 million per breach due to remediation, lost productivity, reputation damage, and potential fines. Investing in modern security and proactive planning is crucial!


Breaches, Blackouts, and Billions Lost: The Cybersecurity Crisis in Semiconductors.

A leading Hi-Tech company, faced a growing threat landscape targeting the vital tech supply chain. Antiquated systems, weak data controls, and an inadequate incident response plan left them exposed to potential financial and operational disruptions. Security posture assessments revealed scores significantly below industry benchmarks, raising concerns of intellectual property (IP) theft, infrastructure attacks, and non-compliance with regulations.




Security And Compliance


A Multi-Layered Defense

A Strategic Roadmap to Maturity

Quick Wins

Deeper Gains

Continuous Improvement

Securing Finances and Compliance


A More Secure Future

By implementing a multi-layered approach, Periscope Technologies significantly improved client's security posture, mitigating risks associated with IP theft, infrastructure attacks, and non-compliance. This case study highlights the importance of a proactive and strategic approach to cybersecurity in the ever-evolving threat landscape faced by the semiconductor industry.

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