Transforming Healthcare Efficiency With AI-Powered Appointment Scheduling

The healthcare industry faces a significant burden due to high administrative expenses, often reaching 15-25% of total national healthcare expenditure. Traditional appointment scheduling systems are often limited by operating hours and require patients to navigate complex phone menus or wait on hold.




Artificial Intelligence


Our client's scheduling system was a major source of frustration for both patients and staff. Patients were restricted to scheduling appointments during specific operating hours often leading to Missed opportunities for care, Increased wait times, Human error, Limited location options, Inflexible time selection, etc.


Our team has leveraged a comprehensive solution built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to revolutionize client's appointment scheduling process. Our solution utilizes an AI-powered virtual assistant named CCAI. Built on Google Dialogflow CX, CCAI offers 24/7 appointment scheduling assistance in over 131 languages. Through Google Apigee API management, CCAI seamlessly integrates with various healthcare platforms like Epic and Athenahealth, allowing for real-time information exchange. Additionally, CCAI utilizes intelligent routing to seamlessly transfer complex issues to live agents, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all patients.


Increased Operational Efficiency: Automating appointment scheduling tasks through CCAI significantly reduces administrative burden and frees up staff time to focus on patient care.

Personalized and Accessible Care:Patients can schedule appointments 24/7 in their preferred language and based on their specific needs, leading to a more personalized experience.

Improved Patient Satisfaction: Reduced wait times and increased accessibility contribute to a more positive patient experience.

Cost Savings: Reduced administrative expenses and streamlined operations translate to cost savings for the healthcare organization.

Implementation of Workato Automation in the HR on-boarding process reduced the entire process from hours to minutes.

Allowing the HR department to focus on other initiatives like talent management, workplace culture enhancement, training, performance optimization, and more which would add more value to business.

A human centric workplace was created wherein bots automated and standardized repetitive tasks while humans worked on innovations, negotiations, and problem solving.

The attrition rate decreased significantly with the new sophisticated on-boarding system, as the employees were now given access to proper training and orientation which would motivate them and boost their productivity. Also, delays due to lack of coordination between HR and other departments were eliminated, resulting in a positive employee experience from day one.

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