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Our focus has been to help customers achieve their goals towards Digital Transformation in an accelerated fashion with smaller and focused teams that operate with the agility of a startup within the enterprise.

Financial Services

We partner with leaders in banking, insurance, and capital markets to develop and launch new operating models, identify and monetize new revenue sources, and get more value from their technology investments.
The financial services industry faces unprecedented economic, competitive, and regulatory challenges. We partner with market leaders and emerging players as they transform amidst uncertainty and strive for growth.

We can help you innovate ahead of disruption, win your most critical competitive battles, and deliver the seamless, integrated experiences customers have come to expect.

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Digital Asset Management


The healthcare API market is expected to exceed more than US$ 234 million by 2024. The increasing center of attention on patient-centric health care delivery by APIs has been well-known over the current past and the appearance of a host of services includes remote patient monitoring and wearable medical devices have driven the need for healthcare API solutions. The healthcare API market majorly focuses on:

Our team have been engaged with various projects to address some of these challenges and use the new tools and technologies to provide an Integrated and seamless User Experience to our customers.


It has become challenging to manage, monitor, and maintain the data in an organization owing to the increasing number of devices. Digitization for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is expected to increase as it helps an insurance service provider simplify the management, monitoring, and maintenance of connected devices.

The InsurTech segments by value chain that are getting impacted are marketing and distribution, IT support, policy administration and management, claim management and across geography APAC, Europe, MEA, South America, and North America.

Our teams have been involved with the Insurance sector in providing innovative solutions that can help accelerate the development of various products and solutions for faster go to market strategy and reliable execution.

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Law Enforcement

Rapidly changing technology with the focus on security that can help connect video data from the field back to the command center for deep analytics and decision making.

Our team has helped build innovative solutions to integrate and manage Body Camera Video feeds from officers to the command center using scalable and secure cloud solutions deployed across multiple large agencies.

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Software Development


Highly competitive and consumer-driven industry is on a constant shift to drive product quality while offering a very compelling integrated set of options to customers.
We have been engaged with the airline industry for the last 10+ years and involved with projects such as:


Industries across the globe are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage customers, improve training methods, and enhance overall business operations. Traditional methods often fall short, lacking the ability to captivate audiences, deliver effective training, or provide realistic experiences. This leads to missed opportunities, decreased customer satisfaction, and suboptimal outcomes.

We take a client-centric approach, working closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and goals. Our team of experts collaborates to design and develop immersive AR/VR experiences that address pain points, optimize processes, and drive measurable results.

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