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Transforming Workflow for Our Prestigious Financial Client: A Success Story

Welcome to the success story of our prestigious financial client, where we showcase how our partnership led to a remarkable transformation of their workflow. By leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), our client achieved significant cost savings and witnessed a high return on investment (ROI). In this success story, we will explore the challenges they faced, the tailored solution we implemented, and the remarkable benefits they experienced.






Lack of flexibility with a single Golden Image for all users, hindering individually configured application environments.

Inefficiencies in allocating desktops for new users, resulting in delays and productivity setbacks. Resource wastage and time consumption due to the destruction and recreation of virtual machines upon user logoff.

Expensive and time-consuming application and operating system updates. Complex and risky testing and updating workflows without a dedicated test environment. Lack of documentation, best practices, and automation, leading to increased complexity and manual effort.

Multiple Active Directory domains without proper documentation.

Solution (Azure VDI Workflow)



Improved flexibility and user experience with multiple, individually configured applications, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.

Reduced friction and onboarding time for new users, resulting in quicker time to value and cost efficiencies.

Documented group policies, roles, and permissions for quick issue resolution, enhanced security, and reduced risk of security breaches.


Automation reducing manual effort, future-proofing tasks, and enabling efficient management and analysis, resulting in cost savings in human resources.


Rigorous testing, sandbox environments, and comprehensive documentation enhancing security and maintainability, reducing the risk of costly downtime and incidents.


Streamlined operations through centralized file sharing, industry best practices, templates, and architectures, leading to operational cost savings.


Real-time monitoring, analytics, dashboards, and utility applications providing visibility and insights, facilitating proactive cost optimization and resource management.


Automatic scaling optimizing resource allocation, avoiding overprovisioning, and reducing costs associated with underutilized resources.

ROI and Cost Savings Projection

Based on the estimated cost savings associated with the implemented AVD workflow, our prestigious banking client is projected to experience a significant return on investment (ROI). Factors such as reduced infrastructure costs, improved productivity, lower maintenance efforts, and optimized resource utilization contribute to the overall ROI. The implementation of AVD has proven to be a cost-effective solution that delivers tangible business benefits.


Hardware Costs

Software Licensing

IT Management

Energy Consumption

Space and Facilities

Total Infrastructure


Our client's journey with Azure Virtual Desktop is a testament to the transformative power of modern technology. By partnering with us, they achieved a seamless transition to AVD, resulting in streamlined workflows, substantial cost savings, and a remarkable return on investment. Experience the power of AVD and join the ranks of satisfied businesses that have embraced this cutting

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