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Periscope Technologies has worked with an Arizona-based company that develops technology and weapons products for military, law enforcement, and civilians. The company has diversified into technology products for military and law enforcement, including a line of body cameras and a cloud-based digital evidence platform. Immediately prior to the Case Study timeframe, as of the end of 2017, body cameras and associated services comprised a quarter of the company’s overall business.

In May 2018, the company acquired a solution, a camera and evidence management platform subsidiary from the Safariland group. As part of the acquisition, company’s strategy was to move customers from the solution propriety platform to the company’s evidence platform. The company turned to us to help create a platform to migrate the solution platform customers and their mission critical historical evidence data to the company’s evidence platform.


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Law Enforcement Technology





Law Enforcement Technology


Software Development


The solution’s 200+ law enforcement platform customers and cameras migrate mission critical evidence data from the solution to the company’s evidence’s platform quickly, efficiently and with auditable results without data loss or extended outage.

Product development teams from both organizations have near term customer critical deliverables, that make diverting existing resources to create tooling, expensive and prohibitive strategic options.

Until a solution to migrate customers from the solution to the company’s evidence is developed, they will incur the burden of maintaining two enterprise grade law enforcement evidence management platforms, eliminating the efficiencies anticipated because of the acquisition.


The company brought in creative solution design and engineering teams from Periscope to partner with their Sr. Product and Technology Management to:


The company was able to migrate all the solutions customers without significant downtime and without any data loss to their platform in a timely manner without impacting their customer deliverables and shareholder value.

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