Strengthening Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring and Compliance​

In today's data-driven world, organizations of all sizes face continuous cyber threats from hackers, malware, insider risks, and human error. Without vigilant security and identity management, they leave themselves vulnerable to attacks that can cripple operations, expose sensitive data, harm reputations, and incur major compliance penalties.

Most organizations rely on outdated security tools and inadequately trained staff who cannot keep up with the pace of modern threats. According to research, over 80% of successful data breaches target vulnerabilities that were known but not addressed. Many lack the expertise to properly configure controls, monitor infrastructure, manage identities, and respond to incidents. This leads to gaps that attackers exploit.

Our company offers end-to-end services for assessing, improving, monitoring, and responding to security incidents. For example:

Since engaging with Periscope , our risk posture has improved dramatically. Their assessments found gaps we didn’t know we had. The new controls and monitoring give us much greater visibility and protection. - CISO, Financial Services Client

With sophisticated threats exploiting overlooked gaps, organizations need professional guidance assessing, improving, monitoring, and responding to cyber risks. Our end-to-end services utilize leading technologies, frameworks, and tools tailored to your environment.

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Periscope's Identity Management experts can assist with creating a custom identity management solution for even the most complex of business and IT needs.

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We partner with leaders in banking, insurance, and capital markets to develop and launch new operating models as they strive for growth.


We are engaged with various projects using new technologies to provide an integrated and seamless user experience to our customers.


We provide innovative development of various products and solutions for faster go-to-market strategy and reliable execution.

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Our team has helped build innovative solutions to integrate and manage Body Camera Video feeds from officers to the command center using secure cloud solutions.


We have been engaged with the airline industry for over ten years and have been involved with projects like Revenue Management, Loyalty Programs, and more.


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