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A community bank with over 130 employees and 11 locations is adopting advanced information security technologies, including cloud computing, to stay ahead of threats and regulatory requirements.






Expand the bank’s existing cybersecurity program to proactively defend against fraud and those intent on stealing customer and financial data. The institutions biggest pain point was the lack of visibility into what was happening on the bank’s network due to the rapid adoption of cloud computing and remote working. Having little understanding of what constituted “normal” activity in this new world, how could the bank’s small IT and cyber team monitor for unusual behaviour or potentially malicious activity, let alone detect and neutralize an attack like ransomware.


Periscope's NDR Hybrid Network Defense offers a cost-effective alternative. This solution delivers exceptional network visibility, without the high upfront costs of physical hardware.

The Power of AI Driven NDR

The End of Alert Fatigue

Struggling with hundreds of alerts per day, many related to AD misconfiguration, the team could simply not keep up. CyGlass AI reduced those alerts to an average of 10 per week, risk scored in priority of importance.

Actionable Information that Reduces Risk

24X7 risk monitoring of cloud and network activity including; risky web activity, missed software patches, new applications being deployed, unsecured or risky port usage, new ports being used and much more.

Multiple Capabilities in a Single Platform

From ransomware defense, to third party risk visibility, to FFIEC compliance reporting, CyGlass delivers on multiple fronts as a force multiplier. We save money, reduce workload and expand capabilities with CyGlass.


By implementing Periscope's AI-driven NDR solution, the community bank gained comprehensive visibility into their network and cloud environments, enabling proactive defense against emerging cyber threats. With reduced alert fatigue, actionable risk insights, and a multi-faceted security platform, the bank fortified its cybersecurity posture, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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