Building Cyber Resilience for a Semiconductor Company

The Problem

Semiconductor companies face growing threats looking to infiltrate vital tech supply chains that could result in huge financial and operational impacts. Assessments reveal gaps like antiquated systems, lack of data controls, and poor incident response.

Overall security posture scores low against benchmarks, risking IP loss, infrastructure attacks and regulatory non-compliance violations.

Intelligence-Driven Detection

CyGlass deployed on firewalls identifies real-world attack tactics based on MITRE framework intelligence. This enables customized threat alerting tailored to the environment.

The Solution

A strategic roadmap aims to systematically improve and mature security over time toward a defined target state aligned with guidelines like NIST CSF.
Prioritized initiatives include:

Simulated attacks continuously validate and optimize defenses.

Evaluating cyber insurance creates a critical safeguard against losses including fines, lawsuits and recovery costs. Staying compliant with industry regulations ( SEC's disclosure requirements ) is also a key objective.